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The purpose of my project was to throw people into an immersive environment through a technological means. The 21st century has provided us with more methods than ever to escape into another world; books are no longer enough to satisfy the majority of this generation’s appetite. They need an overall sensory experience that places them in an alternative reality that is fantastical, impossible, and otherworldly. Our current technology makes this immersion easier, and with devices like smart phones and handheld games we can literally carry the means for escaping in the palms of our hand. With my “sound escapes” I purposefully made it so that the user could only experience a new world through their handheld device. The auditory nature of my experiment is meant to persuade the user to create their own stories with just sounds, while at the same time allowing their eyes to be entertained with a calming video to alleviate the modern day want to have visuals present with audio.

Above is a screenshot of the visual portion of the project. It was projected on to a large wall and participants were directed to use their smart phones in order to venture to a digital realm that relied on audio cues.

Research, Planning & Mind-Mapping


Two artists that influenced my piece, from start to finish, include Janet Cardiff and Paul Sermon, whose works have also incorporated sound and visual elements to produce various “escapes” for participants. In addition, the philosophical and psychological works of Jacques Lacan heavily inspired how I went about creating my sound-e-scapes, with Lacan’s concept of “The Real” being the primary focus of my study. Though it is difficult to understand, “The Real” can basically be described the process in which humans move away from the “realness” of childhood and the innocent perception that it affords us and desire overtakes our conscious and unconscious human minds as we develop language skills. Thus, fantasy is just another outlet in which we are seeking some kind of return to “the real” perception of life we lost as children.

Experience It Again


Although this was very much meant to be viewed on a large screen, below is the video I used in order to “transport” viewers into a digital environment, and if you choose one of the following links using a QR Scanner (or, if you don't have one, just click the link below the QR Code), it will take you to the audio that was used to help enhance one of three different environments.

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